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The 4 Lessons
That help strong-willed kids listen, cooperate,
and treat you with respect in less than 11 days! 
Save $100 When You Join Today!
PLUS You Will Receive 2 Bonus Coaching Calls
The 4 Lessons
That help strong-willed kids listen, cooperate,
and treat you with respect in less than 11 days! 
Save $100 When You Join Today!
PLUS You Will Receive 2 Bonus Coaching Calls
Endless power struggles, screaming matches,
and nights crying yourself to sleep
are NOT normal.

Maybe you’re wondering…

Why is this so hard?

You’ve tried counting down, reward charts, and time-outs...

But nothing seems to work.

You feel out of control and out of ideas.

Getting ready in the morning, mealtime, bedtime, daycare, technology… everything feels like a life-or-death battle.

You’ve asked yourself over and over, “WTF am I doing wrong?”

Believe me, you’re not alone.

Thousands of parents have gone through the exact same challenges you’re facing right now. 

But what many fail to realize is that the reason normal parenting tactics aren't working is because your kid isn’t “normal.”

(Don’t worry, they’re not broken either.)

Strong-willed kids simply need a different parenting approach than other children,

Maybe this news fills you with dread, thinking about having to completely transform the way you’re used to parenting. 

And trust me, it will take some work, but once you discover the right tools and tactics... 

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the tantrums and meltdowns disappear and are replaced by a fun and loving relationship with your “new” child.

"Since I've started the Peace and Quiet course,
we have had NO meltdowns!” 

- Brittany 

My Story

My name is Lisa Smith, and I’ve helped countless parents across the world go from frustrated and guilty to empowered and on track.

But first, I had to learn how to solve this problem for myself.

Do you see this kid right here?

Maybe you can tell by the glint in his eyes, but he used to be really difficult, argumentative, and obstinate when he was younger.

I left more public places with my son kicking and screaming like a maniac in one week than most parents do in their child's entire life.

It felt like we were living in a war zone.

I’d get so frustrated (mostly because I had no clue what to do), and the next thing I knew, I’d find myself in a screaming match with a toddler.

I KNEW it was useless… and that made it so much worse.

Many nights, I'd look down at my beautiful, sleeping child and say...

...Tomorrow, I'm going to try so hard to not yell at him.

...Tomorrow I'm going to try SO hard to be a kinder, less stressed, more patient mom.

But nothing I tried seemed to get through to him, and I’d end up letting both him and myself down again. The guilt and frustration I felt was nearly unbearable.

Until one day I decided, enough was enough!

I dove into the subject and poured over every obscure research paper published on parenting and child development.

I tried and I failed, then I tried again.

And then one day, I tried a couple of new ideas and was shocked when my son actually listened.

I had finally discovered what made my strong-willed kid tick, why he struggled to cooperate, how to end the power struggles, and how to motivate him to cooperate.

And let me tell you… EVERYTHING changed for us!

I had no idea how much easier and less stressful parenting could be when there wasn’t a never-ending power struggle.

For once, our family actually felt connected, and our home was peaceful in a way it hadn’t been in years.

My own experience set me on a mission to help families around the world learn how to peacefully parent their strong-willed kids from ages 2 - 20. 

This mission is why I’ve created...

Peace & Quiet: A Crash Course For
Parenting Your Strong-Willed Kids

This course is SPECIFICALLY designed for parents struggling
to raise their strong-willed kids and maintain peace in their homes.

Save $100 When You Join Today!

PLUS You Will Receive 2 Bonus Coaching Calls

Inside this course, I will:

  •  Walk you through exactly what to say and do to move away from the reactionary “autopilot” parenting that isn’t working for you, your child, or your relationship.
  • Teach you my proven step-by-step method for creating maximum cooperation in your home.
  • Lead you towards a resolution that will create massive and immediate change in your home!


This crash course is made up of 4 short and sweet modules that will walk you through my step-by-step method for creating cooperation with your strong-willed kids.

Module 1: The Anatomy Of The Strong-Willed Kid  

Learn the wiring in your strong-willed kid’s brain so you can approach them in a way that actually WORKS.

Module 2: The Power Struggle: What To Do About It  

Understand the power struggles and how to handle them so you can eliminate the arguing once and for all.

Module 3: Tools To Create Win/Win Solutions 

Get the exact tools you need to create win/win solutions so you can feel respected and listened to.

Module 4: Maximizing Cooperation And Peace In The Home

So you can relax and really enjoy parenting again!

When you sign up for the course, you’ll gain instant access to all of the above. Plus, you can move at your own pace because you’re getting LIFETIME access to the course.

Save $100 When You Join Today!

PLUS You Will Receive 2 Bonus Coaching Calls

“Peace and Quiet class today was many of the things you said are rolling around in my head. Thank you. I think you are truly the first person we’ve spoken with that really gets strong willed kids.”

- E.S.

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