Are You Struggling With Your Parenting and Tired Of Feeling Angry, Frustrated And Maybe Even Guilty?

If you feel like the worst parent EVER, I want you to know you’re not alone! There is hope and The Hive is the answer. 


Hi, I’m Lisa Smith, The Peaceful Parent

I’ve helped thousands of parents all around the world build deep and loving connections with their children.

So please take this to heart,

If you feel discouraged or even guilty about your parenting, It’s not your fault...
Almost everything you’ve learned about parenting in the past has had a fundamental flaw that keeps people like you from having the loving home they desire.

But those who figure out how to solve this major issue with today’s parenting “advice"
Are able to solve any situation their kids throw at them.

Instead of wallowing in frustration and uncertainty, they feel empowered and lovingly in control.

And I’m going to show you how to have the kind of parent-child relationship that both the neighborhood kids AND parents will be jealous of… 

But you’ll probably be too busy feeling loved by your kids to notice. 

“I cannot believe the change in our household, and most importantly
me, in just a few short weeks.” - Jennifer Lawhead

I’ve been blessed to have helped thousands of parents all around the world discover new hope amidst their parenting struggles.

I’ve appeared on numerous podcasts, several major news outlets and written a highly praised book.
Years ago, I found myself racked by guilt and shame.

I was happily married and loved my 6 year old son, but felt like I was failing as a parent.

(Screaming matches with a 6 year old won't leave you feeling very good about yourself..)

I longed to feel like a good parent who knew how to bring out calm in my kid.
But I would just end up crying myself to sleep at night, upset at myself for not handling things better. 

I read all of the parenting books I could get my hands on,

I listened to all of the podcasts and tried everything I possibly could.
It wasn’t until I found peaceful parenting and specific advice that fit perfectly with MY unique situation that things started to change.
I felt a calmness wash over me that I hadn’t felt since becoming a parent.

Within the first week I felt a dramatic shift for me and my son. 

I was shocked at how quickly my relationship with my son went from angry to loving and how quickly I went from feeling guilty to empowered as a parent.
You see there is no shortage of parenting advice in this world.

The only problem is NONE of it was created specifically for YOU
YOU are a unique person. 

You have your own inner beliefs and set of personal experiences.

YOUR CHILD is a unique person, with THEIR own particular blend of thoughts and feelings.

The fundamental flaw with most parenting “advice” out there is that it doesn't take into account YOUR unique situation. 

What works for “Suzie and Dylan” up the street is not going to be exactly the same as what works for you and your child.

Just like the key that unlocks their front door wouldn’t be able to open yours, 
No matter how many times you try.
If you want to improve your relationship with your child, you are going to need expert advice that is tailored to your unique needs and situation.

Or else you'll only be fueling the fires of your parental frustration.

You don’t need more information, you need a transformation. Reading is information and what I know for sure is that Coaching creates the transformation you are looking for!

Generic parenting strategies will only get you so far.

You need something MORE...

“Before my husband and I started training with Lisa, I felt like we were
constantly fighting the same battles with our 3 kiddos” - Ali & Mike Gaynor

Introducing: The Hive

Personalized coaching from world-renowned parenting expert, Lisa Smith
The Hive is a one-of-its-kind community that serves parents who want ongoing support in overcoming parenting styles that don’t work - all while still holding grace for ourselves as people who don’t always "get it right!" 

It’s designed to help you make small steps in your peaceful parenting journey that will bring you EXPONENTIALLY closer to the deep connection you’ve always wanted with your child. 
The Hive enables you to have a parent coach in your back pocket at all times (and get all your questions answered!) - WITHOUT any obligation on your end.

The Hive is NOT an online group of parents showcasing their “social media perfect” parenting.

It’s NOT a feed of inspirational quotes and empty cliches.

It’s also NOT a place where I do all of the talking.

The Hive is designed to help you make small steps in your peaceful parenting journey that will bring you EXPONENTIALLY closer to the deep connection you’ve always wanted with your child.

In addition to peace of mind, you’ll also get:

4 LIVE Coaching calls

One per week to ask me ALL your parenting questions and benefit from the Q&A of other like-minded parents*

Easy-to-access recordings of the live calls

So you can listen while driving, watching your son’s football game, or folding laundry

​Support and advice from other parents

And constant reassurance that you’re NOT the only parent struggling with a strong-willed child!

A monthly lesson

One per week to ask me ALL your parenting questions and benefit from the Q&A of other like-minded parents*
Anger in parenting
​“Get curious, not furious!”
​Technology & kids
​Setting limits & creating boundaries
​Understanding the teen brain
​Love languages
​Culture of mistakes
​...and much more!
*Live calls are scheduled to include ALL timezones! No matter where you live in the world, there will be two calls per month during your waking hours. 🌎

Imagine what this resource and community could do for you as a parent...

Imagine never being more than a few days away from having a tried and true parenting expert giving you tailored guidance on your most recent “situation”

Imagine feeling any anxiety and guilt you feel right now about your parenting simply melt away. 

Imagine feeling the love and connection with your child growing stronger each day.

Imagine knowing that no parenting challenge is too big for you because of the vast experience and support you can immediately draw on within The Hive.

Here’s What To Do Next

I want The Hive to be easily accessible for everyone - and I want it to be a no-brainer for you to join!

That’s why a membership to The Hive costs just $47/month or $470/year (that’s 2 months free!).
$47 for the year that is the price of a restaurant meal, three Starbucks trips, or a manicure....

And in return, you’ll have a parent coach in your back pocket, answers to ALL your tricky questions, a constant stream of new parenting tools, and support from like-minded parents.

As soon as you join, you’ll receive an email with all the details. 

"The Hive and having Lisa's coaching is PRICELESS! It's like having a parenting coach in your back pocket. Community support whether in person or online is invaluable when you are "doing life" and running into challenges that are an inevitable part of life. It helps to know you are not alone and others struggle with similar parenting issues. We're all in it together!
The Hive offers an ongoing opportunity to learn, grow and have accountability. I am forever grateful to have heard Lisa speak at my kids' school a couple years back, she has been an important tool for me in the tool box of life. Thank you Lisa!" -- Nikki B

We have not heard the joyous, uncontainable shrieks of delight and mischief for a long long time in our house! It makes my heart so happy! Thank you so much for your amazing help and constant support. It’s amazing to feel like i can always ask any question and get ideas within the week. love love love it! thank you! xx, Rachel

"Since I've started this course, we have had NO meltdowns and I know this is because I am so much calmer and present with my kids." -- Brittany

"Hi Lisa, just wanted to let you know how helpful and topical the hive call from the 4th Dec was! Your emotional response to this caller so touched me and made me realize that so many of us are dealing with these same issues and feeling helpless when it comes to helping our kids. Thank goodness we have you, Lisa and the hive so we can start feeling empowered to help our kids and let them be themselves and to see the light in these situations. These calls are amazing and seem to come at just the right time, even when I listen to them months later!" -- R.L. Australia

"I decided to join because I did the Peaceful Parenting 101 class back in March and loved that. And I did both of your Facebook groups that were live for a week. What I found is I missed the community. I do better when I am surrounded by people going through the same struggles. Just being on those live calls and hearing little tips to use in my parenting really helps me stay grounded and do better!" -- Karen

We don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Lisa gives us the support and the tools that work in every situation. We build deeper levels of connection with our kids. The icing on the cake: you also build a better relationship with yourself and learn how to become less triggered when the $@#* hits the fan! This is parenting smarter and loving it! - Tracy D.

I highly recommend you join The Hive because Lisa is there with you every step of the way in your parenting journey! She is understanding, compassionate, non - judgemental, and takes the time to walk you through each and every one of your questions and concerns. You then get to follow up with her and see the progress that you’ve made and make a plan for next steps. We value progress over perfection in this community! In just a short amount of time every week, even just listening while you are driving or folding laundry, you can make some big changes! I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t joined The Hive last fall. My connection with my children has improved significantly in six months and I can’t wait to see where The Hive journey takes me going forward! - Sarah D.

I highly recommend you join the Hive because it takes a village to raise your kids and this is my village! Lisa has changed the way I think about parenting and has helped me to understand my children (particularly my two strong willed boys). Changing my thoughts, understanding what connection is, and how to achieve that has lead to some really big transformations in our house. Lisa’s style of coaching is non-judgmental and she walks you through your specific circumstance and your kid. My family is forever changed because Lisa is a part of it and I receive so much support from the Hive. Parenting is a journey and I am so grateful to have found Peaceful Parenting! - Viv F

The Hive and Lisa’s peaceful parenting course has changed my life and that of my son. I cannot think of a more important thing that I have done in my sons live than this. It has brought so much insight and understanding and changed my behavior and my reactions and deepened my connection with my son in such a beautiful way.

When I first found this course I disliked being a parent ,every day was a struggle and I was always triggered and I did not like being around my son and that felt horrible.

One year on and I have the most amazing bond with my son and his behavior has turned around in such an amazing way .

It’s such a beautiful process to witness and the best investment I have made into our lives and our future .
I love Lisa with all my heart and I have so much appreciation for the family and community that the parents on the Hive represent, no judgment, just support and understanding.
I cannot recommend this enough .

I truly think this course should be gifted to each and every parent at the birth of their child .It can prevent a lot of pain and suffering.

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If The Price Tag Is Making You Hesitant..

I’d like you to think about the last thing you spent $47 on.

Was it a shirt at Marshalls? The CUTEST toddler outfit you just couldn’t resist? 

Another throw pillow for your couch? (Because you can NEVER have too many throw pillows… right?!)

Here’s the truth about these little purchases…

After the initial endorphin high, you’re left right back where you started. (Yes, even if you call the purchase “self-care!”)

That toddler outfit will make for some cute photos, but it won’t do anything to strengthen your bond with your child...

And an extra throw pillow isn’t going to cushion the blow of your teenager’s next outburst.

The Hive offers REAL self-care and long-lasting change for your family - all for just $47/month.

If peace and joy in your household is something you’re still striving for… the choice is obvious!

If You’re Wondering “Do I Really Have Time For All This?”...

I’d like you to know that this group is specifically designed for busy-as-a-bee parents who don’t have time for anything resembling a college night course.
EVERYTHING in this group is optional, and it’s impossible to “fall behind.”

And if you’re starting to feel clueless and stressed about parenting again, all of the call recordings and lesson materials will be right there, ready for you to access at any time.
PLUS, you can cancel your membership at any time - no questions asked.

"On our first call I had tears running down my face. I was so happy to know I am not alone and that I found my community."  -- B from Germany

"I love the ongoing connection and support within this like-minded community.-- Susan

P.S. If you skipped straight to the bottom of this page, here’s what you need to know…

I’m inviting you to join my new support group called The Hive. 

The Hive is designed to help you make small steps in your peaceful parenting journey that will bring you EXPONENTIALLY closer to the deep connection you’ve always wanted with your child

It’s a one-of-its-kind community for parents to receive ongoing support in overcoming parenting styles that don’t work - all while still holding grace for ourselves as people who don’t always “get it right!”

Parents who join are seeing BIG changes in their relationship with their kids. 

(Plus, they no longer feel alone or unsupported as they put in the work to become better parents.)

A membership includes 4 live Zoom calls per week (so you can ask me all your questions), recordings of the live calls, support and advice from like-minded parents, and a monthly lesson (so you’ll consistently receive new parenting tools).

The Hive enables you to have a parent coach in your back pocket at all times (and get all your questions answered!) - WITHOUT any time obligations on your end.

You can join The Hive for just $47/month or $470/year.

And don’t worry - you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

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